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March 27th, 2020

Dear Greenwoods Family:

All church functions will continue to be suspended for the coming week. Increasingly, it is becoming apparent that we may not be able to host Easter Services as well. But, we are still making that decision on a week-by-week basis, and are not making that call yet.  In the meantime, Pastor Trip will continue to record his Sunday sermons and post them on the church website, so that members can listen at the usual Sunday morning time (10:30 AM) and maintain, as much as possible, the sense of worshiping together as a church family.  Besides Pastor Trip’s sermons, you will find increasing content on the website that will enable you to stay in touch with Greenwoods and the wider Body of Christ. Pastor Trip reported that “We had 147 people visit the website [last] Sunday, and so far, 103 views of the sermon!!  Great news!”

Mowing Needed

We are in need of someone to mow the lawn at church this year. Our long-time mower, Joe Currier, will no longer be able to do this for us. He has done a great job for several years, at a very reasonable rate. If you know of anyone who might be able to maintain our lawn on a regular basis, please let the elders know.

Recently  From Our Missionaries

Rachel WaldsteinAll of India will now be in lockdown for 3 weeks. There will be challenges ahead, but today I am so thankful for these things: We have a good stock of food for our home and people who have generously helped us get what we need for the days ahead. We may not have everything, but we have enough. We have money for a time (although atms are supposed to be open, it seems most are closed or out of money at this point). I have electricity and a comfortable home and it’s a peaceful place where I love to spend my time. I have a small supply of masks ordered a month or more ago and these are crucial since police want people wearing them when going outside for crucial tasks (esp. Yohan as he has gotten food supplies today). My laundry is mostly caught up (a phenomenal feat), my house is quite clean and my dogs are enjoying me being at home! I have time to catch up on finance work, writing some curriculum and designing classes. I have hope, peace and joy through my trust in Jesus, the one who never leaves me and infinitely loves me! “When all around my soul gives way, He then is all my hope and stay.”

Susan Mino at El Rancho del Rey: Danny [Moller] encourages you to join us in claiming all of God’s precious promises and say NO to a spirit of fear. We send out our love and prayers, and welcome your emails, your prayer requests and concerns.  We are here right now because of your faithfulness, enabling us to provide a sort of Noah’s ark in the flood. There have been confirmed cases of the virus in our area, so we are observing a high level of precautions.  I am sitting in our new Maker Space, funded by many of Michael’s friends, watching over most of the gang while Michael is making ‘coffee’ and cookies for the little boys. The floor the boys are playing on has seen 6 decades of action!  At times the boys are scared, confused, angry, and worried about their families. Family members can’t visit and some don’t have telephones. In some cases their caregiver is their great grandmother with precarious health conditions. Tether ball, soccer, and hikes to the stream, LEGO (a gift from the LEGO factory in Monterrey), puzzles, theater exercises and art; and making things with junk provide needed activity, creative expression and stress relief. Danny is giving all the staff the choice to stay or go, and all the parents the choice to continue to accept refuge for their boys here at Rancho Del Rey.   The staff know there is no promise of salary, and we have a renewed sense of living by faith, which is a good thing!  We are so grateful for God’s provision, for your help and prayers. Michael and I have made the decision to stay on (we have family in Massachusetts and Long Island).  We entrust our children and aging parents into the care of our heavenly father. My daddy gave us his blessing. We have been asked how much we spend daily for meals. If you can help, know that $125 will provide a whole day of meals for the whole gang (about 125 meals served). We are economizing, consuming less meat, more beans and rice, but our kitchen staff knows how to make everything tasty! Also please pray for Lupita, our head cook, who has been staying with her son in the hospital, who is gravely ill. The cleaning staff is pitching in more in the kitchen, amidst increased responsibilities in sanitation.  And for our new house parents, Victor and Fanny, who arrived the day school was suspended, much to the confusion of our little boys. We give thanks every day for you and want to encourage you, too.

So many of you have been faithful to send checks during the week, or to use our online giving option during this difficult time so that we can pay the Pastor, our usual bills, and the monthly support for our missionaries.  Thank you! Checks mailed to the church at 355 Clayton Road, P. O. Box 346, Ashley Falls, MA, 01222, will be gratefully received and promptly applied to the ongoing work of the Lord at Greenwoods.

In His Name,

Greenwoods Community Church Pastor & Board of Elders
(Pastor Trip Weiler, John Campbell, Mike Conlogue, Geoff Drury, Chuck Lewis & Jesse Midwood)


John Downie & Ray Wells Memorial Services Postponed…
Because of rapidly accelerating concerns and uncertainty about possible coronavirus impacts on public gatherings, travel, food service, etc., the John Downie & Ray Wells memorial services scheduled for Saturdays, March 14 & March 28 at Greenwoods Community Church have been canceled.  The services will be rescheduled for future dates as soon as the current coronavirus uncertainties have been resolved.  Please pass this information on to anyone you can think of who may have been planning to attend these services and would not otherwise be likely to see this message.

Welcome to Greenwoods Community Church!  Greenwoods is an independent, non-denominational church located in Ashley Falls, MA (less than a mile from the CT border!).  We are a loving and welcoming gathering of people who follow Jesus Christ.  Whether you’ve attended church or not, you are welcome here.  Come ask questions, come for prayer, come to worship our Lord and King.  The sermons are deep and rich with Biblical Truth, and also relevant, understandable, and applicable to our daily lives.  We serve a meal after our weekly services – a chance to get to know you, and for you to get to know us.  Childcare is provided, we have a wonderful children’s ministry, and services generally run about an hour and fifteen minutes.  So come as you are, thank you for visiting us!  May God richly bless you!

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