Date: June 30, 2019

Bible Text: Revelation 5:1-14 |


Sharon Congregational Church and Greenwoods Community Church have a rich history of partnership in ministry. In light of that relationship, Pastor Bob Keay and Pastor Trip Weiler are having a good ol’ fashioned pulpit swap (or pulpit exchange). So, for today and next Sunday, June 30th, Pastor Trip and Pastor Bob will swap pulpits – Pastor Bob will preach at Greenwoods, and Pastor Trip will preach at the Sharon Church. This was a common practice in New England’s faith history – pastors would frequently swap pulpits (sometimes for up to a year!) in order to expose their respective congregations to other preachers of God’s Word. The Sharon Church and Greenwoods are looking to build on their relationship, and periodic pulpit exchanges is one way to do it.

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